'Kitties out of quarantine': The last of the playlists!

After spending two to three hours writing myself into an analogy worm-hole that made very little sense I've thrown all my words in the bin and instead will keep this nice and simple.

We're beginning to dust off the cobwebs here in Town. Demos for future songs left untouched for months are having the old spit'n'shine treatment, parts are being learnt, dates for rehearsals are finally being allocated and we now have a release date for our single 'Lemons' and album 'The Elephant's Room'! As we all know, in the process of a caterpillar going full butterfly, it cocoons itself. However, during the transformation period the caterpillar essentially eats itself and breaks it's entire body down with enzymes until it exists within the chrysalis almost entirely as goo. Currently, as I prepare to get this band up and running again after four months of nothing but rice cakes and Disney+, I am goo. Thusly here is my spiel for these playlists: I love all of these people dearly. They have played significant roles in my life and I trust and respect the music tastes of each and every one of them. Now here's what they have to say about their playlists!


I’m very old so I have enjoyed a lot of different genres of music in my lifetime. But I’m putting on this playlist what I have been listening to most during lockdown.

Since I joined Town of Cats in 2012 my current music tastes have mostly been influenced by what the young Boy Kittens in the band have exposed me to. (They’ve exposed me to quite a lot of other stuff too but here is not the place to divulge what that stuff is. One day I might write a memoir of my 6 years in Town of Cats. Or I might not...)

Anyway I’ve now got hundreds of songs on my Spotify “Liked” list and I shuffle through them randomly on lonesome lockdown eves, whilst drinking wine, enjoying a bijou spliffette, dancing for my old cat and jamming along with my sax as the mood takes me. I find this extremely uplifting for the soul and obvs there’s never a dud song cos they’re all off my Spotify “Liked” list. Odj (the cat) hates it when I play the sax tho and goes and sulks in the bedroom...

This is just a random taste of the sort of stuff I like and I hope you all enjoy it and are rolling with the nowness of doing the equivalent of what I do most days which is hanging out on my boat looking at trees and watching the ducks. 🎵🎷😻🌳🦆


PLEASE LISTEN IN ORDER: I tried to go for a theme, but I found it hard to throw away some gems I’ve been listening to. Maybe because I’m fickle, or maybe I just love lots of weird and wonderful music! I’ve tried to craft it into a journey. Below is a little road map to guide you. Godspeed. I hope some of you enjoy a rollercoaster playlist as much as i do!

To begin, I recommend body popping like this guy (https://youtu.be/iRZ2Sh5-XuM).

When things get groovier, I like to toss my weight from leg to leg, and pretend I’m dancing in tongues. Some head tilting and shimmying also seems appropriate. When the heavy comes, you should make your movements increasingly violent. I enjoy bounding around/through different rooms in my house. Mosh pits naturally emerge under these conditions. With whoever, wherever you find yourself. If you are self isolating, I can’t officially condone moshing into the walls/other solid objects. Though it could be lots of fun. When the music gets strange, I recommend getting melodramatic and acting out whatever weird scene you feel compelled to (no judgement).

And then finally slump for a well deserved mong and just let the decompression music massage your weary mind.

If you follow these guidelines, this counts for your daily exercise.

(And one of your five a day f*ck it.)

Enjoy! ;)

Rory xx


The music we listen to can be a thing that defines you as you break through teenage hood into adulthood. We make friends based on our musical preferences and it can shape the way we think and act towards our fellow humans, we can learn life lessons through engaging in different musical circles and cultures. It’s been beautiful listening to the personalised music that my others cats have shared.

I have been keeping super busy during lockdown with converting a removals van into my new home. I had planned to get the van ready for the festival season with the cats but no gigs means I can perfect it. Other than that I have been working on releasing 2 solo live loop albums. One I did last year and another which is a collection of live loop improvisations. I have just started building a duduk which is a double reeded instrument to learn and to celebrate my Armenian heritage.

Lots of love Carl


Over lockdown I've had to focus on the introvert, if only to ignore the excited little extrovert with his nose pressed up against the window to my soul exclaiming 'ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET' over and over again as we all travel towards the absolute what-the-fuck of life post lockdown.

With all plans void, ambiguity sits on the horizon like a murky fog and thinking about making any venture through it gives me fuzzy-gut. As a result I've turned to the present like it's a distant friend-with-benefits that if I play my cards right, will come over for a weekend of cuddles and take-aways. At some point in the pillow-talk between the present and I, I've learned how seldom still I am. Like, never. The inside of my head is pong on the Atari and the future and the past compete to throw my focus completely off screen. The present serves it's purpose merely as a net for the white pixel of my consciousness to travel over getting from then to then.

There are a collection of songs, over the course of my life that have tied themselves to rare moments of stillness. Wether the song or the moment took the lead in any of these examples, is a conversation for us to have with a cheap bottle of plonk and some half decent speakers.

This playlist is my tribute to those songs that either made me stop, or supplied the soundtrack for stillness as I gouged down on a little chunk of the present.

If you like your yoga, pilates, stretching or some straight up contemplation time, give it a go, be still in time.