Kitties in Quarantine: Volume One. Mossy's Playlist

I miss them all I really do.

The odd part is realising just how heavily the bond of our relationship with each other relies on there being a stage, an old van and a rider consisting of eight Red Stripes and a cider. That doesn't make us any less friends, there is no less respect outside of the aforementioned, but like parents raising a child you find most of your interaction has become about them/it/whatever it is. We have surpassed much of the frivolity, sailed by the 'first dinner party in our new home' together and long gone are the days we would hold each-other's hair back whilst the other gargled empty weekends out into the gutter (an analogical reference only I'm sure, there still be gutters and there are more than likely a few empty weekends knocking about). Our relationship is now, mostly, about our little one. Our little aggy 7/8/9/10 piece 'Iamsotiredoflistinggenresitmakesmesoundsopretenciouswhichmaybeiambutalifetimeofimpostersyndromehasreallyblurredthelines' band. You can try keep that up all you like during this time, but to truly be able to reach out to one another, to be able to look one another in the eye and recognise what we share (the nod, the glint, the knowing smile)...We need that stage. We need that old van and Jesus we need eight Red Stripes and a fucking cider. On that note, you don't mind if we bring our own tinnies in? Needless to say we are all very different. In the beginning, our very-differentness with the rest of the world is what allowed us to be all, how do you say, 'very different' together. Strange creatures taking it in turns to throw our oddities into the cauldron. Like children making a potion in the garden, gazing wide-eyed and giggling we watched over as the gungey mass of our interests and influences became something a kin to 'music'. Today, our differences are more our 'differences' than 'our differences', if you follow. But that doesn't mean they should be celebrated any less. Yes our social lives do not collide like they once did, yes we try to balance careers and relationships and back pain and alcoholism and all the other shit the slow decent into 'you-definately-aren't-a-teenager-anymore'-hood throws at you, but our individualities are still a fundamental part of what makes Town of Cats; Town of Cats. So here's the point of all this (other than for me to find a way to exercise my extrovert needs in captivity): Music. Everybody's listening to it. You all have it on whatever device you read this on. Spring is here, summer is approaching and the usual bangers we'd have on before finding a way back to that gutter (via venue/gig/bar/festival) have a different feel. For some they are a heavy reminder of our current anti-social social landscape. To others 'nostalgia-fest' in the cell block of their own home is the only way to get by. Some of us are the melodic melancholic type meddling with Moby, whilst others are relying on Afrobeat (RIP Tony Allen), Funk and Jazz to keep that positivity running through their veins, until 12PM, when it's acceptable for gin to also run through their veins. We are all very different, I said it back up there, and each of us taking this pandemic in a different way. As are you I'm sure. The 'Kitties in Quarantine' series is a snippet into the world of what each of us are listening to whilst the world stands still. It's a celebration of difference, of music, and that whilst there is no stage, no old van, no eight Red Stripes and no one Cider, we are still Town of Cats, and Town of Cats is still us.


Let's begin with Mossy (Hiiii Mossy). Mossy is the (I think) latest to join ToC. He's been with us for about a year or so now and is a calming presence that we very much need at times. Mossy is a man who picks what he says, and what he says when he picks it is almost always valuable. For those of you that don't know Mossy, he also plays in Mama Jerk and the Lady Fingers, good friends of ours. Go see em when this is over.

I'll be listening to Mossy's Playlist today. Here is what he's got to say about it:

"The music I’ve put together is a collection of soul, gospel, jazz, hip hop and all sorts really. There’s a few upbeat ones like Har Mar Superstar and Beats Antique but it’s mainly quite melancholy. The really nice thing about my experience at the moment is having the time to revisit music that I love. I’m not listening to music with the same purpose as I usually do, like with my bandmates as references for composing new songs or going to my friends gigs and my life has slowed down a little bit. I think these songs fit that mood quite well - music to be nostalgic about, music that looks forward to something and music that is enjoyable to take a minute and reflect. There’s an hour of music here and I really recommend if there’s anything you like to fin the album and listen to it all the way through - I know that I’ve got the time to do that right now and it’s one of my favourite things to do at the moment".